There’s a song about that somewhere!

Anyway I digress…  We were all feeling a little tired and weary from a hectic week of work and school, (and maybe a dash too much of the red last night for the oldies) and so in need of some fresh air! Once booted, coated, gloved and hatted, we set out to take Elvis (our dog) for his daily walk.

Destination – our local forest and as usual we hadn’t even got out of the house before the whinging and arguing ensued! This time about who was wearing which ear muffs – I kid you not!! The feeling of dread descended, this was going to be one of those times when the kids were going to be foul and we were going to try and force good ol’ family fun! The inevitability that everyone was just going to end up feeling grumpy, miserable and wish “we’d just not bothered,” was looming!

However, the fresh air (albeit) freezing was just what was required to clear away the cobwebs in all of us! We had barely started walking before a massive game of tag began! (I used to call it “tig” when I was young – but my kids assured me it is now “officially” called tag) Everyone took part even Elv, who quite frankly, let the side down and ran off with his ball.

Our next challenge was to survive the building of a forest den! Nothing unique here I’m afraid, except for the fact we’ve never actually succeeded in completing one from scratch – EVER!!!!.

Our very many previous attempts have been hindered by falls, splinters, moaning, arguing, torrential rain, lack of time or the fact that someone has generally fallen out with everyone else and is subsequently in a massive strop!

Today, however, despite all the odds, we were victorious!! As you can see from the pics – we completed it from scratch and a great time was had by all! Whoop whoop! It may not seem like the best specimen and to all of you expert den makers I apologise for our effort– but as for me and mine – we were as proud as punch!

To add to this momentous occasion (little things – I know) a Robin appeared and hung around to watch us with our final completions! Now, Robins in our household are proper special (excuse the appalling English)– especially this time of the year! They come from the big man in the North Pole himself, to keep an eye and inform him of the general behaviour and attitude of our two darlings! Well the excitement and joy of seeing a Robin come down to watch the final stages of our masterpiece, was really rather special and proof to my littlies that good behaviour is truly noticed by Father Christmas.

So it may very well be cold outside – but get up, wrap up, go out and clear away those cobwebs and get stuck into family fun – who knows you may escape and be argument and injury free just like us!  (Well for today anyway!)


Come back soon!


Susie x