Juggling balls…

Ever think that you are juggling too many balls? I love this expression! I not only juggle balls, I spin plates – at the same time – sometimes with one hand, whilst the other is trying to wipe spilt milk off my daughter’s clean uniform.

Long gone are the days, when as babies our children would do as we wanted, eat what we gave them, go to places we wanted them to go!  In our household there are now 4 personalities to contend with! We all have our own likes and dislikes.  Whilst this was relatively manageable with 2 adults (we could sort ourselves out), with two kids, it is very different! From the different types of foods that they like to eat, one wants a ham sandwich the other cheese, to the activities that they are involved with at school and outside of school. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that my kids have so many opportunities – I want them to be able to experience everything, to give them a rich fulfilled life, it’s just that juggling all of this, as well as our own needs is hard!  I worry about dropping those ‘juggling balls’ or ‘spinning plates’.

Busy, busy busy!

We rush from, getting the kids ready, sorting out breakfast, checking shoes (where is the other one?), testing spellings, making lunches, washing clothes, brushing hair, checking teeth have been cleaned, drying clothes, reading stories, helping with homework, putting clothes away, tiding rooms, moving chocolate wrappers, washing up cups/ plates (forever), sorting out payments for Rainbows or Guides, remembering to feed the dogs, taking kids somewhere, remembering to wash the bed clothes (has it really been that long), let along shopping, etc etc etc!

What about work?

All this, and it doesn’t even take into consideration my day job! I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of teaching, but needless to say, if home-life is busy, the school list of what I do on a daily basis is even worse!  There are days when I just come home and just want to sit and weep because I just can’t sort out anything else – I have brain overload, I don’t even know what’s in the fridge!

Introducing the bullet journal!

Last year my best friend told me about “bullet journaling” and I was immediately suspicious! Yet, I knew like me, her life was stupidly busy; both a business and young family to organise! However, I just couldn’t see how this would help me and in fact I was initially convinced that it would just add more stress and be something else added to the “never ending list of things to do”!

Could it really work for me?

However, despite my initial skepticism, I was intrigued! My friend showed me the first basic guide on how to bullet journal.  The premise behind its creation was to “track the past, organise the present and plan for the future”! It piqued my interest – could it work for me?  Would it work? That night I went home and searched loads of “ how to bullet journal”.  The concept had evolved – I discovered you didn’t have to include everything in a specific way – I loved this flexible idea, I started to think that it really could work for my life! After a little research I ordered myself the Leuchtturn journal with dots! – Lines are OK, but it does limit how you want to set out your journal!


It didn’t take long to arrive and I set about sorting out how my life would all fit into the book! It took a number of different attempts to get what worked for me! And that is the beauty of it! It is unique for what works for me!  Now, there are loads of journals where people have turned the actual writing of a bullet journal into a hobby! Be warned these are beautiful and very creative! I love this idea, but as we’ve already established, I’m busy I don’t really have time to make it look so pretty– although VERY occasionally I’ll add a bit of washi tape (just a posh name for decorative tape), or I’ll write in pretty colours!


Generally however, mine serves as a practical guide for survival!! It helps me remember when there’s a birthday party or a dentist appointment, the fact that I need to remember swimming stuff for both girls but on separate days, extra clothes for forest school, money for children- in-need, permission slips and rainbows uniform and not to forget the wellies! I can track what we’ve eaten over the weeks, and it reminds me that despite the fact my Sophia would eat Spaghetti Bolognaise every night of the week, that she has already had it twice! I still have my phone and a school diary, but the the bullet journal helps me keep all the things that I use it for – in one place and that’s genius! You don’t have to include everything – just the things that you want!

So why should you start?

Quite simply because I didn’t think it could work in my busy life!  But it really does!  it could be all of these things and more:

  • It’s a personalised family / work / life planner that does exactly what you need it too!
  • It’s a calendar – for all events, birthdays, must dos
  • A place to store family favourite recipes
  • A reminder of when something needs to happen
  • A check list
  • A list of who needs to be where and when
  • A place to store memories
  • A shopping list
  • A tracker, to check whatever you want i.e.when you exercised last, ate no chocolate etc etc
  • You can use it for whatever you want/ need it for! It’s your choice!

I can log, anything and everything that I want to and it’s easy! It doesn’t take hours (unless you want it to) Mine now takes me a couple of minutes to set up my weekly log and I’m away for the week!

Give it ago, after all, if it helps keep those balls juggling and plates spinning surely that’s got to be a good thing!

Let me know how you get on!


Susie x